Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In Two Weeks...

My annual Halloween Countdown is only a couple of weeks away. The festivities begin at Midnight, October 1st. Check back here then, and daily throughout the month of October.

 If you are interested in hosting your own Halloween Countdown and would like to be part of a group of celebrants, please check the Countdown to Halloween homepage to find out how.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Grim Gallery Enters Its Tenth Year

My companion blog, The Grim Gallery, devoted to monsters and horror is now entering it's tenth year of daily posts. If you like images of monsters of every kind you out to yourself to check it out. You can do so by visiting here.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Bloody Disgusting Names Xombi In Their Must Read List

The horror media culture site Bloody Disgusting has included Xombi on their binge-worthy reading list of dark titles published by DC Comics. You can see what other titles are on the list, and find links to begin reading them here.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Recent Commission

Squid. 3-D cut paper. 2019. 

Monday, January 06, 2020

Ask Me Anything #64

With the new year I thought it might be worth putting up another Ask Me Anything Post. It's been a while since I've done one, and I have no idea if there's still any interest, or if anyone even looks at this blog anymore.

Blogging seeming to be on the wane as other, more immediately gratifying, forms of social media have taken people's fancy, and readership has shifted elsewhere. Meaning that my own posting efforts, just like most people's, have shifted elsewhere more and more as well.

I've always preferred Blogger over other forms simply because it allows me to cover things more in depth than other delivery services, and to delve into somethings that I wouldn't really think felt at home on say, Facebook, or certainly Instagram.

This blog was set up primarily as a means of promoting my work, share some of my process and inspirations and, hopefully, steer people towards some things of interest and enjoyment I've found along the way. For the past few years I've broken away from monthly comics and have been working on longer range projects that I can't share yet, which means that this blog has not really had the content is was designed for.

So, while "Ask Me Anything" is meant for you to ask anything you are curious about regarding my work, inspirations, opinions on anything, or pretty much any other thing you may want to know from me, I'd like to also start by asking you what sort of content you'd like to see here so that it's not months of empty space, and returns to something worth checking in on. Certainly feel free to ask me anything as well.

Questions can be posted in the comments section below, and I'll either answer them there, or in a separate post sometime later in the month.

I've been asked a lot of good, thought provoking questions in the past as well as some really banal ones, all of which I tried to answer. You can see the previous questions by visiting Ask Me Anything  #1#2 ,  #3#4#5#6 , #7 , #8#9,  #10,  #11,  #12 , #13#14,  #15 , #16#17 , #18 , #19,  #20,  #21#22,  #23#24#25#26#27#28#29#30#31#32#33#34#35#36#37#38#39#40#41#42,  #43#44#45,  #46#47,  #48#49,  #50,  #51#52 , #53#54#55#56,  #57,  #58,  #59, and #60 , #61#62 and #63

Answers not found following the questions can be found in the archives section for each associated month under Ask Me Anything.

Now ask away. 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31 - Movie

Emma Larsimon, a successful French horror novelist, ends her bestselling series of books and announces that she's going to write non-horror fiction from now on. A visit from an old school friend and some unpleasant dreams force her home instead where she learns that the villain of her books, a demonic witch named Marianne, may not be fiction and is not happy that she's stopped writing about her.

Marianne (2019) an original 8-part series made for Netflix, may be the best Netflix original anything I've seen. It succeeds unlike every horror tv series they've tried and far better than most movies, Netflix produced, or otherwise, with an intensity not seen since Hereditary (2018). A French production, the cast was uniformly excellent, with great chemistry between them, and genuine believabilty. The direction, writing, cinematography, sound design, music, make-up, were also all top notch, and the location added so much to the sense of dread that infused this series. This was just overall outstanding on every level and easily the best thing I watched for this Countdown.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

31 Days of Halloween - Day 30 - Movie

A child killing terror, which most often appears in the form of a clown named Pennywise, fights a group of youngsters in 1960. Thirty years later, when new murders begin, the youngsters, now adults, reband to attempt defeating Pennywise once and for all.

When I read Stephen King's novel It back in 1986 when it was first published, I loved it, and could not put it down. It remains one of my favorite novels of his. When I saw It (1990), the two part miniseries, based on the novel, when it debuted I was really let down.  Coming across it in the $5.00 bin at Walmart around the time the new movie adaptation came out, I thought I'd give it another look, something I ended up putting off until now.

I still don't like it. The cast is fine, but this mini-series lacks any bite and because of its length and the way the book is broken down into vignettes focusing on each character as a child, and as and adult, not only does the plot feel simultaneously simple and disjointed, but the relationships between the characters lacks the depth and the strength that really powered the novel. Without it, I just didn't care about what happened to any of them. I had no stakes in their winning over this clown which was presented as something somewhere between Caesar Romero's Joker if he were a drunk, carnival clown with an unhealthy interest in children, and Krusty on the Simpsons. He wasn't scary like a monstrous cyclical, unstoppable evil. He was mildly disturbing in a drunken relative has invited himself into my house and I can't get him to leave kind of way. One of the big disappointments, too, was that when we get to see Pennywise in his true form it's as some sort of big spider. Yawn.

I know a lot of people love this mini-series, and I suspect those that do were significantly younger than I was when they first saw it, and I get that changes things. You are welcome to keep this version of It warm in your hearts. I'll stick with the book.