Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fun With Scissors - part 61

Rope Man from "the Mighty Heroes" was probably one of the worst choices I could have made at a time when I was desperately trying to get ahead a bit on these collages after falling woefully behind. Each segment of rope had to be individually cut and glued, which made this character more time consuming than probably any other I've done so far in this series. having said that, I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.

FYI, even though it appears that his cape should hang in a straight line across his shoulders, it's actually tucked into the back of the knot beneath his jawline. I thought it looked a bit weird myself, until I tracked down an image which showed this to be correct. See, you do learn something new every day.

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SACKS said...

Nice post John. Watching the Mighty heroes on dvd today at lunch. BTW I still need you to e-mail me your mailing address for your daughters prize. I still don't have it.