Friday, November 03, 2006

Dead High Yearbook

"Dead High Yearbook" is a graphic novel anthology of stories set in a high school, based on urban legends. I contributed a story involving tapeworms and bulk-up formulas used by weight lifters. oddly, it's not the first tapeworm story I've done, though this new one is a lot more disgusting.

"Dead High Yaerbook" was edited by fellow Milestone writer Ivan Velez, Jr., and will be published by Dutton Juvenile on March 22, 2007. It's available for pre-order now. So, contact your local independant bookseller, and let them know if you're interested.
The isb# is 0525477837.


Todd Harris said...

this is really cool. love graphic novels. great blog.

Rozum said...

Thanks Todd. You're creatures are great. I look forward to seeing more.

Todd Franklin said...

Congrats on the graphic novel.

Flora said...

i read it today. it rocks!
my favourite has to be have a nicey icee day (sorry if i spelt it wrong). ^_^