Friday, February 09, 2007

Early, Early, Robot Comic

This is the second oldest work of mine in my possession. It's my oldest attempt at creating a comic book that I am aware of. This was done sometime during second grade. Both the art and writing a crude to be blunt. This must have been part of some larger scenario since one of the characters has the inexplicable ability to transform himself into various animal forms. I can't discern any obvious influences on the story or art.

I don't know what happened in the black hole, or whether that story was ever written and drawn, though I do remember doing other episodes of this comic without a title. Sadly, or fortunately, those efforts are most likely gone forever.

What's most interesting about this comic strip is how it compares to one that my son did a few months ago, without him seeing this strip of mine until I noticed the uncanny resemblence. Dash is about 1 1/2 - 2 years younger than I was at the time I drew mine.


Trevour said...

Hi John-

For a comic drawn in second grade, I think it's excellent! Lots of action and I especially like how the mouse attempts to destroy the robot from within. It was definitely fun to read. And yes, I could the similarities between your drawings and your son's. Hereditary creative skills, I'd say!

I'd like to find some of my childhood drawings and post them too. Haven't a CLUE where they'd be though!

morinn said...

that was wonderful!! heredity does wonders!! take care!!