Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Homemade Nosferatu

This is the beginning of a work in progress. This is the mostly completed papier-mache head to what will be a five foot tall Nosferatu for a store window display for Halloween. I'd like to build him taller, but the window height is only five feet, and the point is for him to be seen. He will also have hair, and the eyes will glow red. I'll be tweaking the paint a bit as well.


Anonymous said...

Very cool...thanks for sending the link to the army so we could see it. Now my kid wants to know if we can make one ourselves..haha.

Robert Pope said...

Hard to believe that Halloween will soon be with us! Groovy cool, pally!

Shawn Robare said...

Nice work on this. I tell you what, your local merchants are lucky to have you constructing these awesome window displays for them.

Rozum said...

Thanks, folks.

It's not that tough to do yourself, go to the September 2006 archives for a little "how to."


Looking forward to seeing your Halloween posts this year as well.

CARLOS said...

DUDE! THIS IS SO GOOD HOLY CATS~!! you should should make me one. please! i'll give you 40 bux!