Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scooby-Doo #129

Almost in time for President's Day, the ghost of John Wilkes Booth, not content with assassinating Abe Lincoln, menaces the Mystery Inc. gang in "History is History." This chilling AND educational story written by me, appears in SCOOBY-DOO #129, available today at a comic book retailer near you.


Robert Pope said...

Hey John,
remember this old Johnny Carson monologue? "Every Lincoln's birthday reminds me of my old girlfriend back in Nebraska. Gina Statutory. Her name was Gina Statutory. She went to Lincoln High and she was voted Miss Lincoln, because every guy in school took a shot at her in the balcony."

I'll look for the ish, pal (they should send me some, considering the cover, but ah, well...)

Rozum said...

Not just the cover, but the middle story "Creature of Laguna Beach" as well. My son opened to that story, and saw that splash you did with the monster and forgot all about dear old dad. Thanks a lot!

And yes, I do remember that Carson bit.