Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Available Now

SCOOBY-DOO #133 is available in comic book stores now. It contains a brief installment of my "Velma's Monsters of the World" series about monsters from myth and folklore. This time the monster is the Chilean Calchona.


Robert Pope said...

You know, it occurs to me that "Velma's Monsters of the World" would make a swell trade paperback!

Rozum said...

I think so, too. Before Jeanine left, she asked me to come up with a central story that could be tied into "Velma's Monsters of the World" in order to at least do an entire issue of this material.

I hadn't heard back regarding any approvals from that batch of pitches, and now that she's no longer at DC, I don't know what will become of that idea.

I've also been wondering why DC stopped publishing those digest sized CN reprints. They must sell pretty well since I still get royalty checks. Have you heard anything?

Robert Pope said...

Nope, haven't heard thing one as to why those doggone digests haven't been steadily reprinted. I had lots of material in the CN Block Party editions (and covers, to boot) but the Scoobys wouldn't have paid off for a while; I didn't do my first pencilling gig until much later in the run (issue #87? #91? I can't remember!) I guess everything is up in the air until our new guy gets his bearings, huh?

Rozum said...

I also had quite a bit of stuff in the CN Block Party reprints, but Scooby stopped right before at least half of the material in each digest would have been mine which would have been really nice in terms of regular reprint money.