Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Comic Book Stores Today

I have two items that go on sale today. First up is the BRAVE AND THE BOLD: MILESTONE trade paperback collection. The book collects the three issues of "Brave and the Bold" (published by DC Comics) that came out last summer featuring team-ups of DC characters and Milestone characters as a means which was supposed to integrate the Milestone Universe into the DC Universe. Apparently only Static was welcome to stay.

These three stories featured Static and Black Lightning by Matt Wayne, Howard Potter, Tom Chu and Rob Leigh; Hardware and the new Blue Beetle by Adam Beechen, Roger Robinson, Hilary Barta, Tom Chu and Rob Leigh; and Xombi and the Spectre by me, Scott Hampton, Daniel Vozzo and Rob Leigh.

Filling out the volume are exceptional stories featuring the Milestone characters as they appeared in comics published by MIlestone about fifteen years ago. There's a Static story by Kurt Busiek, Neil Vokes, Prentiss Rollins & Bobby Rae, and exceptional colorists J. Scott J, David Montoya, John Cebollero & Andrew Burrell, and Joseph Daniello handling the letters; a Hardware story by Milestone founders Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan, along with Prentis Rollins, J. Scott J and Steve Dutro; and what everyone tells me is still the best thing I've ever written, the story from Xombi #6 with art by J.J. Birch, Noelle Giddings & Andrew Burrell and Agnes Pinaha. There's also a bonus Hardware piece by Denys Cowan, Jimmy Palmiotti and Noelel Giddings. It retails for $17.99 and sales of this will help determine how many future collections of Milestone material will be published by DC, including, hopefully, my run of Xombi.

Also available today is SCOOBY-DOO #153 which features a story I wrote with Matt I. Jenkins handling the drawing, Rob Clark, Jr. on lettering and Heroic Age on colors. This story should appeal kids and listeners of NPR alike as the Mystery Inc. gang comes to the aid of a thinly disguised pair of brothers who host a popular car repair radio show. SCOOBY-DOO is also published by DC Comics.

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Anonymous said...

The best thing you ever wrote was your TKR episode. (But your Xombi kicks ass too.)