Thursday, March 18, 2010

Edison Frankenstein Turns 100


Today, 100 years ago, Edison's Frankenstein movie was released. Short, and stagey, the film does feature some inventive moments.  In particular, the monster's creation scene, filmed in reverse, which depicts matter attaching itself to a skeleton until his anatomy becomes fully realized is a real treat.

Frankensteinia has been running a great series of informative articles on this film all week long.

You can watch it here.


Max the drunken severed head said...

As usual, I love your art. Excellent Ogle Monster!

I see you've got the Ogle Monster wearing a forehead bandage, which I don't think was there, but some folks disagree with me.

I'm gonna go over to FRANKENSTEINIA now and plug this post!

John Rozum said...

That's a terry cloth sweatband. Few people realize how much this movie influenced the costume design for "Flashdance." Note the monster also wears legwarmers and a sweatshirt with the neck hole widened for that off the shoulders look.

John Rozum said...

I went by the kinetogram cover with the orange comedy/tragedy masks bordering the famous still. There's definitely something going across the monster's forehead.

One of the other little known facts is that all of that hair coming up over the monster's head is Charles Ogles' uncontrollable back hair.

This was also the only Frankenstein movie which suggested that Frankenstein gave his creation a facelift in the process of bringing him to life. Evidence for this can be seen in the monster's eyebrows which have that perpetual surprised look that you see on older women who have had the procedure done.

Pierre Fournier said...

I think you’re onto something, John. Note the rope bling, which was the 1910 equivalent of Mr. T’s gold chains, and the wrist bands which were apparently cut from skunk fur.

Wonderful collage, and thanks for linkage.