Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season. My apology for the lack of new posts around here, but the season ended up being pretty busy for me, and now that it's over I find myself facing a lot of work to catch up on. This means posts here will be sporadic at best.

Among these projects is XOMBI, the forthcoming comic book series published by DC Comics which will debut in March. You can find out more about this series by scrolling down to the previous post. Keep checking back for updates including a look at the cover for issue #2 by Fraser Irving as well as links to scheduled interviews where I'll discuss the upcoming series.

The collage at the top of this post is the first collage I've done since last January which is a tremendous gap of time for me. 2010 was dominated by writing projects and working with cut paper was put on the back burner for far longer than I would have preferred. That all changes now. This year I'll be participating in a number of shows hosted by Gallery 1988 which means I'll be juggling the scissors and the keyboard in the months ahead. I'm very excited about these upcoming shows and will provide details as they are made known.

Speaking of collages, I'd like to thank everyone who purchased one of my cut paper cartoon character collage portraits last month. There are still plenty left if anyone is interested. Details can be found here.

Check back tomorrow for the latest installment in the monthly Ask Me Anything feature, which returns after a break last month. You can ask me anything there about past, current, or future projects, influences, relationship advice, what I'm reading, watching, really anything. I'll do my best to answer as many questions as I'm able.

I'm also hoping to find time to add a new post or two to my companion blog for kids which is meant to give children some insight into every aspect of how comic books get made. If you have, or know a kid interested in visual narratives steer them over there. If you know any teachers or parents that would be interested, please do the same. You may even learn something yourself.

Now I just need to decide what I want to replace the Bumble with in the header for this blog.

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Michael Jones said...

It's the Year of the Rabbit, so you could replace Bumble with any of our Leporidan friends.