Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank You!

Publicly coming forward with the reasons why I chose to leave Static Shock was a decision I did not make lightly. I recognized that it could very well have had detrimental consequences (which it still could) but felt that given the negative response to what was erroneously perceived to be my contributions to Static Shock, that it was best if I just told the truth about what happened and let people react in whatever way they chose.

I'm still overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that has come my way both from fans and fellow comic book professionals and publishers. Tens of thousands of people have visited this blog to read my statement, and it was covered by most of the comic book sites I know of, discussion groups, and even mainstream media sites. I also received a lot of email. I can't possibly respond to all of it, but understand I am grateful for all of the kind words, well wishing, and support that you have shown. It has taken, for me, a difficult situation and decision, and made me feel that I had made a wise choice in coming forward.

There were, naturally, some people who were skeptical of what I revealed. They pointed out, fairly, that they were only getting my side of the story. That's all that I can offer. I have no doubt that both Harvey and Scott felt that my writing was terrible (they told me so), and they could be right. My complaints stemmed from being treated in an unprofessional manner by them, being listed as a writer but not being allowed to do my job, and simply wanted to exempt myself from a comic book series that I felt was mediocre at best and written in a manner that I would not have done it had I actually been writing it. As I said, make of it what you will. I said what I had to say, and now I plan to move forward and leave Static Shock behind me.

If nothing more I hope that my coming forward will allow anyone else who may find themselves in a similar situation to feel that they aren't alone and that remaining silent won't make the situation better, or go away. Hopefully, my coming forward will even make it less likely that this sort of situation will ever happen again.

Two of the more unusual bits of coverage that came from my expressing my situation were the comic strip at the top of this post which came from Let's Be Friends Again which makes me look like I stepped out of a Joe Matt comic, and being turned into rap lyrics.

Again, thank you everyone for the show of support.


Michael May said...

Hugs, John.

chrishaley said...

Mr. Rozum,

As the dude who drew said comic, I hope looking like you came out of a Joe Matt comic is not something you find terribly insulting.

John Rozum said...

Not at all. I'm a big fan of Joe Matt. I feel honored. Thanks, Chris!

chrishaley said...

Thank YOU!

Truly the honor is all ours.

ShaggyDoo said...

Whimsical capricious faeries - that's a kind way to describe Warner Brothers...