Saturday, August 01, 2015

Milestone 2.0

A number of people have emailed me asking about the new, forthcoming incarnation of Milestone Media. The fact that among the announcements was that there would be a new Xombi series has led to the question of whether, or not, I'll be writing it.

I sure hope so. To be honest though, I don['t really know more than you do at this point. Everyone involved with the new Milestone is well aware that I want to keep writing Zombi, and Denys Cowan assures me I'll be a part of the new company, but right now it's still wait and see. I'm not sure how far along in the planning process everything is, and I imagine they'll want to relaunch other characters first.

To read more about the announcement and the plans so far take a look at this article by Hannibal Tabu at Comic Book Resources


joseph said...

I certainly hope to see you write it, i am very excited for the news. I hope that you keep us updated whenever you hear anything (assuming it is something that you are aloud to share)

also, no ask you anything last month?

Michael May said...

Excellent news. I was having a hard time getting my hopes up about yet another Milestone relaunch involving DC, but the mere possibility of your involvement helps tremendously. Fingers crossed!