Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mad Scientist #32

Issue #32 of Martin Arlt's excellent magazine, Mad Scientist is now available. It's a mere $8.00, including shipping, and can be ordered here, where you can also view the contents of this issue. I created a cut paper portrait of Boris Karloff in The Black Cat which can be found within this issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hello John,

I know this isnt the "Ask me Anything" Section but i didnt see any open for a while so i figured I would ask here.

You have said (if i remember correctly) in the past that no one has contacted you about Milestone 2.0 but you do stay in contact with them and I have seen people ask you about Static, Milestone, and other related questions so my question is this.

Any idea whats going on with Milestone? 2-3 years ago Milestone 2.0 and Earth M was announced and we havent gotten anything else said about it. The most recent Milestone anything we have seen recently is the Static Icons figure being released by DC, Michael Davis saying to Bleedingcool.com that Milestone 2.0 is dead, and Static being made for Injustice 2 (with a pretty awesome new design and apparently being pulled at the last minute for unknown reasons despite having a fully created model and some moves.

I am sure you get tired of people asking these questions so I apologize for asking. I am just a concerned fan looking for answers.