Tuesday, October 24, 2017

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24

This is Halloween by James A. Moore

Haverhill House Publishing. 2016.

Moore provides ten tales, mostly centering around Halloween, and about half of which interconnect in their setting, and in a couple of cases obvious shared mythology and characters. These stories are all treats with dark tricks enclosed. These are not feel good stories, but dark gems which usually end badly for the protagonists. In spite of the connective nature there is plenty of variety here. A group of trick or treaters who pick up a stalker once they pass the former home of man who had done unspeakable acts to children; a man who retires to an idyllic community with its own sinister Halloween tradition; a poisoned forest haunted by a malevolent family; a lost boy rescued by a much too helpful stranger; a group of kids who venture down the wrong road on Halloween, and more.   This wound up being one of my favorite books this year and I highly recommend it. The only gripe I had with it is an apparent lack of a proof reader. The book is riddled with typos, enough that I felt bad for the author and hope that they will be corrected for future editions.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Drives me crazy when a book makes it to publishing and has so many typos you wonder if anyone read it over. That aside, this sounds fun and I am going to add it to my list. Also sounds like it could make a good Halloween anthology film, like Trick 'r Treat.