Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cartoon Character Art - Dirt Cheap!

In an effort to raise some funds to attend Monster Bash at the end of this month, I'm putting up a batch of the cartoon character collages that I'd been posting here under the "Fun With Scissors" heading on ebay. Opening bids for these are dirt cheap, so get them while you can.

You can view the auctions here:

I had ScOttRa post them up for me, because he knows about such things. But I assure you that I'm the one selling them.

Eventually most of the cartoon character collages will be offered for sale, but not for such low prices.

If there's a character you are interested in that's not part of the ebay auction, please let me know, and make me an offer. Commissions are also welcome.

1 comment:

Trevour said...

If my current job wasn't ending, I'd be interested in purchasing one (or more). Were you planning on selling your Yogi or Boo Boo ones? If you still have them in the near future, let me know!