Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In Comic Book Stores Today

Available in comic book stores today are two volumes of the CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY compilation digests.

Volume 3: "Can You Dig It?" contains a short Johnny Bravo story and a spooky Dexter's Laboratory story that I wrote. Volume 4: "Blast Off!" contains a short Dexter's Laboratory story I wrote. All three stories have been previously published in individual issues of CARTOON NETWORK BLOCK PARTY. If you missed them, now's your chance to avoid those expensive back issue prices.


Trevour said...

My local store doesn't seem to carry the CN titles. I think the other one in town does (the one I never go to), so maybe I'll have to trek over there and see what they have! Including some of your previous issues!

Rozum said...

I'm pretty sure that the reprint digests are also available at bookstores, including Amazon. There may be some lag time, as traditionally comic book stores get comics and graphic novels a few weeks before newstands and bookstores.