Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Years of Mad Scientist

My congratulations to Martin Arlt on ten years of producing the outstanding magazine MAD SCIENTIST. The anniversary issue (number 20) is available now and has a fantastic wrap around cover by Pete Von Sholly and an interior collage by me.

You can order a copy, as well as back issues, here .

You can also see the awe inspiring complete mural of monsters by Pete Von Sholly that the cover is taken from by visiting here.


Trevour said...

Hey, long time no see!

I keep disappearing from Blogger for decades on end, and seems I have almost that much worth of material to check out on your blog! Hope all is well! :-)

Great cover by the way - if I can track down this book I would like to see your collage.

Trevour said...

And by book, I meant MAGAZINE. :-P

John Rozum said...

Trevour, good to see you back this way. It has been a while.