Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Comic Book Stores Today

SCOOBY-DOO #158 hits stores today and features three of my "Velma's Monsters of the World" segments. Velma will tell you all you need to know about zombies, the pricolici, and the azeman. Don't know what these monsters are? Now's your chance to find out and impress your friends. Fabio Laguna, Leo Batic and Horacio Ottolini provide the artwork. Swands provides the letters and Heroic Age the colors. Harvey Richards edited. Published by DC Comics. 


ShaggyDoo said...

Like Zoinks, the second-to-last issue of DC "Scooby-Doo" comics is already upon us. Seems a bit lame to restart things while still with DC, but at least they're ending the run with a couple awesome Pope/McRae covers, next month's is killer. Just curious, do you know if you'll be writing any for the new version of Scooby or will that be all Scott Gross all the time? BTW - your "Velma's Monsters" are always great, kinda goes without saying...

John Rozum said...

At this point I don't know anything.

The new series, as are all the Jonny DC titles, are being moved to Wildstorm where they are being edited by Scott Peterson. They will still have the DC Bullet on the covers.

I have not heard anything from Scott as to whether, or not, I'll be continuing with Scooby-Doo, or any other CN titles. I'm told by other regulars from Scooby-Doo that they also are completely in the dark about their own futures with the title.

As soon as I know something I'll post it here.

"Velma's Monsters of the World" has been a very popular feature with kids, editors, and even adult fans. Unfortunately the Warner Brothers liaison who oversees the content of the comics absolutely hates it, so we will not see this feature in the future (at least while he remains the liaison). He demanded that no more of those be done, and the only reeason you're seeing the ones being run now is that DC had to run all of its inventory of stories before the series came to an end and the new one begins.

Thanks, as always for your support, and thoughtful comments.