Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tomorrow on Cartoon Network

For you early risers, or all nighters, "Night in the Sanctorum," one of my episodes of SUPER HERO SQUAD airs again tomorrow (July 10) morning at 6:30 (e/p) on Cartoon Network. In this episode, the Super Hero Squad crash the Helicarrier and must find alternate living arrangements. Will they stay with the Punisher? Reptil? or Dr. Strange? and what does the Enchantress have to do with it all? 


Robert Pope said...

I gotta get cable!

John Rozum said...

I don't have any tv reception whatsoever!

Robert Pope said...

Okay, ya got me there. We're one of the "poor or eldery" families that took the government coupon and bought the digital signal box to replace our rabbit ears (and lost half our UHF and PBS stations in the process!)