Thursday, August 19, 2010

From the Archives 4


KOBALT was a superhero comic book series I created and wrote for Milestone Media back in the mid-90s. It lasted 16 issues and concerned a seemingly psychotic grim and gritty superhero who was forced to take on a bumbling doofus as a sidekick. Initially it was drawn by Arvell Jones who drew this great piece as a contest prize for, I believe, HERO magazine.


The Frog Queen said...

Great work. I really love the just inked comics (probably not saying that right) - especially in the 90's - Poison Elves (before Sirus) was one of my favs :)

(I know it is not the same style...just made me nostalgic for black and white comics.)


Michael May said...

Man, I miss Kobalt. It poked fun at superhero comics while also actually BEING a great superhero comic.

John Rozum said...

KOBALT was the one time I made the bad decision of writing for a perceived audience vs writing for myself. Everything I'd meant for the series to be actaully clicked in my scripts for issues #17-19. Unfortunately the series ended with #16. One of the unpublished stories is, IMO, the best thing I ever wrote. I changed it and it was going to be the issue #9 of MIDNIGHT, MASS.. Obviously that script is the cursed series killer.