Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Robert Pope Talks Pencilling

My long time collaborator, the great Robert Pope discusses all manner of things involved with pencilling comic books over at my blog for kids. If you have kids interested in comic books, or art, take them over for a visit. They can even ask questions in the comments section. Even if you don't have kids be sure to take a look. You'll learn something, too.


ShaggyDoo said...

Hi John, Like me and Scoob wanted to thank you for the response last week, for somebody who didn't know anything you sure gave us some groovy bits of info! Robert Pope is an excellent choice for a penciller to interview, mostly because he's the all-time favorite of both Scooby and me (Joe Staton would have been our close second choice). Zoinks, all that great info from such a humble and talented man, the most fun we've had reading something on the internet for ages - we can't wait for tomorrow. Having both Iwao Takamoto and Alex Toth mentioned was especially cool, my personal art collection actually has a model sheet from Scooby '72 that was drawn by Toth and owned by Iwao before he passed (I got it from Barbara T.). Thanks again, Robert Pope rules! (as do you sir!)

John Rozum said...

Robert is a great guy and very talented artist and I'm very lucky and happy to have been working with him all these years. He went above and beyond on supplying answers to those questions, many of which came from kids during my various school appearances.

I'd love to see a scan of that model sheet.

I'm told you have quite a collection of Robert Pope art as well. Check back at my kids blog in a couple weeks as Mr. Pope gives us some insights on how covers are done as well.