Monday, February 27, 2012

Xombi Nominated for a Rondo Award

The 2012 ballot for the Rondo Hatton Awards honoring classic horror across a wide range of media is now available and among the nominees is XOMBI, the critically acclaimed comic book series that I wrote and Frazer Irving illustrated last year (and which is now available in a trade paperback collection), for Best Horror Comic Book series.

What I find most exciting, and challenging, each year while reviewing the ballot is how many great nominees there are in each category making it very difficult to select who I think is most deserving to take home the award in each category. This year is no exception.

For anyone who loves classic horror the Rondo Awards are not only the most esteemed awards given to those who have excelled in enlivening the genre, but a way to make your voice heard regarding what you feel is best in the field. Anyone can vote and there is no expectation that everyone will have enough knowledge to vote in ever single category.

Generally speaking I'm pretty indifferent to awards, but I'd love to have a Rondo, so if you've had the opportunity to read Xombi and found it to your liking, please take the opportunity to vote. If you didn't read Xombi, then you should still vote for whichever categories you feel you can make an informed decision.

You can vote by going here.

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