Tuesday, February 07, 2012

XOMBI Trade Paperback Now In Bookstores

For those of you without a local comic book shop, Xombi, the trade paperback collecting the critically acclaimed comic book series by me and Frazer Irving (as well as an issue of Brave and the Bold featuring Xombi's David Kim along with the Spectre by me and Scott Hampton) is now available through general book sellers.

I encourage everyone to support their independent local bookstore or comic book store, but, if like me, your community doesn't have one, the book can also be ordered through Amazon.com via the link below.

T find out more about this series just click on "xombi" in the labels accompanying this post, or to the right, or take a peak at this brief examination of the Xombi trade paperback collection.


JB said...

Damn I wish they put out the first series on trade too.. 0-12 and 13-21 big fatties would be great... I'll buy the trade as I bought the mini series to make it so !

ian33407 said...

Not familliar with the original serie, but I've heard so much good things about the new serie that I had to know why.. I felt a kind of Peter Milligan' vibe in the weirdness (no offense I hope) of the first story-arc, but all in all it was a fun and entertaining reading. I think I like more David' adventures when it is more connected to the occult (Julian is an awesome character)but Frazer Irving really made the steampunk issues very enjoyable (Finch had a wonderful moment when he was talking about past, present and future), it's a real shame that XOMBI didn't have his place among the new 52, and , as I was the first to militate (really) for this kind of relaunch, I didn't like at all the way they threatened you onto STATIC;I expected better and now they just seem like Marvel to me. They really would deserve that you go at Image or Dark Horse and killing all on creator-owned projects..

Wish you the very best Sir,

John Rozum said...

JB -- I'd love for the original series to be collected as well. Thanks for the support!

Ian -- I worked hard to insure that familiarity with the original series wasn't necessary to follow the new series. I always saw XOMBI as a place to tell all sorts of stories and wanted something that demonstrated a cross representation of those things in that new arc. I figured if people liked what they read there, had the series continued, they'd probably be okay with whatever I threw them.

I think XOMBI would have fared well had it been part of the new 52 and hopefully opened the way for more titles that didn't fall into the traditional super hero mold.

I'm actually working on a few creator owned projects right now. As soon as i can announce anything, I will. Thanks for trying out XOMBI. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone who genuinely tried it loved "Xombi". I erad the first series after picking up the first issue of the new one, and I adored them both (though I'll say that the newer series had far better art, no offense meant to JJ birch).

For what it is worth, Jeff Lemire 'tweeted' the other day that he was rereading the run and that it was a great series. Hopefully I'm not speaking out of turn, but as he seems to be a fairly big writer in DC these days, perhaps you could get into contact with him about some opportunities at DC? I just want to see more of your work, in whatever format is viable!

Wil Barnes said...

Just purchased Xombi and it is one of my best purchases of the year. Great read.

Are you currently working on anything? Would love to give you a little support.