Tuesday, May 21, 2013

30 Years of RETURN OF THE JEDI - Part 21

Among the various products spawned by Return of the Jedi, was a line of model kits produced by MPC. MPC had been producing popular Star Wars model kits since the first movie, and reissued a number of them with new ROTJ tie-in art on the boxes. The models came in basic snap-together forms which required no glue, and the traditional, and slightly more complicated, glue together variety. 

Except for the X-Wing Fighter, I owned all of these kits. C-3PO, I recall being the one that was most difficult to build because there were rubber bands to be manipulated, so that the limbs could move, that had to be held in place while gluing his torso together, and I felt like I needed extra arms to pull this off. 

My favorites were the Shuttle Tydirium with it's fording wings, R2-D2, the speeder bike, and the B-wing with it's rotating cockpit and folding wings. Most of mine bit the dust when a shelf broke landing on top of them, then causing that shelf to fall to the floor finishing off what was left. 

Many of the images came from Fantastic Plastic and My Comic Shop

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