Thursday, October 03, 2019

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3 - Movie

An isolated jewish village is threatened by outsiders who are plague victims who blame their troubles on the jews who are not touched by sickness. One of the women in the village who has been secretly learning the kabbalah decides she's going to protect her village by creating a golem to defend it. Childless by choice, since her own child, she forms an empathic bond with the golem, so that when it is struck she feels its physical pain, and the golem picks up on her moods, thoughts, and fears, and starts striking out against anyone it thinks has wronged, or threatened her.

The Golem (2018) is not a perfect movie, but was a surprising effective fairy tale about loss, fear, and consequences. The performances were good, and the golem was pretty intimidating and not at all suggestive of any form of kindness. I's been curious to see this since first seeing the trailer and am glad I caught up with it.

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