Saturday, October 05, 2019

31 Days of Halloween - Day 5 - Movie

Now an adult, Philippe Delambre (Brett Halsey) decides to recreate his father's matter transmitter. What he doesn't know is that his partner in the endeavor is planning to steal and sell the plans. When he is caught, he throws Philippe into one of the transmitter booths...with a fly, and turns Philippe into a revenge driven monster with the head, arm and leg of a fly.

While The Fly (1958) (see previous post) was a classy widescreen, color, thriller, Return of the Fly (1959) is sort of the cheap, black and white exploitation version of the same story. Not that this is bad. The adding of a criminal element and revenge motif doesn't hurt the story, which moves along pretty briskly. There are more horror elements; the fly-headed human is more fly, the human headed fly weird, but by no means as grotesquely pathetic as in the original, which makes sense since this film comes with a much different ending. There's also a policeman murdered and merged with a guinea pig, resulting in a guinea pig with human hands. This film's akin to Universal's sequels to The Mummy (1932) from the 1940s, as if AIP had made them. While no classic, like the original, this is a perfectly enjoyable sequel.