Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ann Arbor Book Festival Appearance

I fill like an idiot for forgetting to mention this before now.

For anyone interested in my work, or in other cool comics, I will be making a rare appearance at the Ann Arbor Book Festival today. Thanks to the fine folks at the great comic book store, Vault of Midnight , at noon, I will appear on a panel alongside Jim Ottaviani and Anders Nilsen. The two of them will dispense great wisdom, while I charm the audience with my accordian playing. Then the three of us will sign stuff, but keep in mind, I no longer sign body parts. Especially if they are just parts.

For more information go here or here


scottra said...

So how did it go?

Rozum said...

Rained out. I mostly felt bad for Anders Nilson, who came out from Chicago, then had to go all the way back.

spacesick said...

well that sucks. I had no idea about this festival and I was just in ann arbor too.

Rozum said...

Next time you come through, Spacesick, let me know. Event, or no event.