Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Question for Visitors

Dozens of people visit here daily, yet almost none of you leave a comment on what you see. That's fine. My ego is not so fragile that constant feedback and reaffirmation of any perceived skills of mine is required to get me through the day.

I'm curious though, who you silent people are, what brings you here, and what you think of what you find here. Whether you are the periodic visitor from Thailand, or South Africa, or the person in Virginia who's paid a visit nearly 50 times in the past week, I'm curious about what led you to this site, what you liked, what you found lacking, and what you'd like to see that you are not.

Don't be shy, it's all with the goal of making your visits here more enjoyable experiences, and to satisfy my own curiosity. If you'd prefer not to leave any comments publicly, here, you can email me directly using the "contact" link to the right.


Ted said...

I comment now and again, but I feel spurred to comment once more. Many thanks for the Chan Clan creation; that was fun.

Here's a request: how about a "Making Of" article? I loves me some Making Of articles; in fact, I keep intending to do an index of online cartoon Making Of articles on my website; I should really get on that. Anyay, I'd love to see what tools you use, how you organize your paper, source materials, the process of creating the piece, and whatnot.

I'm doing a Making Of article to show how I do my CageMatch promo videos; it should be up soon.

scottra said...

He said:
"I'd love to see... how you organize"

If they only knew!


F. Duarte said...

Mi nombre es Felipito Duarte, El Genio de la Historia Macabra. Mi cara es muy similar a la pictura de hoy. ?Es muy estrano, si?

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

I'm one of the dozens....
I can't remember what first brought me here. Probably Boingboing. But I really like the daily fix of a memory-jogging animation that I've not seen in years nicely rendered with scissors. And I agree the Solomon Grundy is quite nice.

Trevour said...

Well you know I visit regularly... I'd leave more comments but I just enjoy seeing your stuff!

Phillip said...

I've commented a few times... I can't remember how I originally found this place. I think it was via Sacks10? Great stuff, always. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

first visit here.

i was reading old issues of xombi, and was wondering what happened to such a singular voice.

ill be on the lookout for issues of midnight mass now :D

Smurfwreck said...

Found your site from your comment on another blog, Secret Fun Blog, and thought I'd check yours out. I'm sort of just getting into the blog-o-sphere and continually amazed by great sites like yours.

Love your collage work.

Anonymous said...

Your sentence: "My ego is not so fragile that constant feedback and reaffirmation of any perceived skills of mine is required to get me through the day."

In English it would be feedback and reaffirmation "are" not "is".