Sunday, May 21, 2006

Announcing My Next Comic Book Project

For anyone wondering what my next comic book project is going to be, the two pictures should give you a hint. Ignore the dorky guy in the green t-shirt, and concentrate on the TV icons, Adam West and Julie Newmar.
Yes, I'm writing some Batman. It's been sometime since I've written anything with superheroes in it. Coming back to it through Batman is a real treat. All I can say is that it will be a 2-issue arc in "Detective Comics," it involves a pretty major revamping of one of Batman's oldest, and most well known foes, and that according to DC's Michael Siglain, it should be "the scariest Batman story of all time." Not that that places any pressure on me.

More details to come.


Trevour said...

AWESOME!!! I'm definitely getting these. Besides, I've been getting more into Batman again lately. I started getting back into comics a few years back (after a looooong hiatus), and I was buying mostly Marvel titles (I think Kyle Baker's Plastic Man was my only DC at the time). But nowadays it's literally ALL DC.

Congrats, and I can hardly wait!

Also, on a side note, I love that t-shirt - I wanted to order one a few months back but completely forgot about it! Where did you get yours?

pee money said...

As a younger man, realizing how much money I'd spend if I became a fan of comics, I turned my back on the entire medium. I made a pact with myself to explore it only when I had become rich. Well, that day has not yet come. As it stands, there are 3 comic authors whose work I have purchased with any degree of regularity: Clowes, Woodring, and Rozum. Reading your latest bit of news, I now know what will be my comic book purchase of the year.

Rozum said...

Thanks, guys.

Trevour, the t-shirt came from Threadless. I think will get you there.

evil ape said...

I like to bite the heads off bats (and batmen).

Shane said...

Totally kick ass man!!!!!! Look foward to it!

Matt Wayne said...

Great news! And thanks for the new desktop picture.