Thursday, September 28, 2006

Children's Books Display - Part 16

The installation itself also contained a monster character. This character was based on a sketch for a character I created for one of the areas of planned upgrades to my main website. When it was time to add it to the main website, it went through a couple of mishaps ( see Children's Books Display - Part 1 ) which will be discussed in further detail when I get to the posts on the installation process itself.

As can be seen here, the monster was made of very simple materials. Here the head (all newspaper) and arms (cardboard) have already gone through the paper mache process. The body was a simple mailing tube with foam taped around it to give the monster a bit of a hunchback. The legs are garden hose inserted with coat hanger wire and wooden blocks for feet.

Here are the legs after being paper mached. As you can see, toes have been added to the feet. These were simply wedge shapes made from cardboard. Since it would be covered in fake fur, there was no need to paper mache the body itself and it was left in its raw form.

Here's the completed monster. The eyes are the same plastic cat's eyes that I used on the crocodile. The teeth are the tines of plastic forks. The head was screwed onto the tube before the fur was added, as were the legs. Once the fur was added, slits were cut in it where the arms needed to go. These were also screwed onto the cardboard tube.

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