Saturday, September 30, 2006

Children's Books Display - Part 20

Again, here's the children's section of the store as it originally appeared before this project began.

As I did with the bridge components, I painted the the archways over the two alcoves the same base coat of light grey, followed by darker grey stone patterns. That white square in the middle is the wooden base screwed onto the bottom of the tree which is lying on its side.

Here, the tree, sun and clouds have been added. The sun was simply two pieces of cardboard glued together, paper mached and then painted. The clouds were painted on cut out pieces of cardboard, which were then covered in thinner versions of the same white foam sheets of packing material that the leaves were made from. This material was sheer enough that the paint patterns showed through, and gave a nice sheen and texture to the clouds as well.

Now the bear and picnic blanket have been added.


The bridge was assembled on the floor, with the three characters screwed onto their respective slats from below. The entire thing was lifted into place via the ladder.

The rabbit is now in place.

Skipping ahead, green material that ended up being perfect for grass was added around the base of the tree. Next, the flowers, which were all cut by hand from yellow paper, were glued to the grass. The picnic basket, settings, and cupcakes were then put in place. The crocodile was added, and so was the robot. Finally, here, the banner was put in place.

Close-ups of various aspects of the display will be in the next post.


Here you can see the wood slats that were screwed onto dowels inside his feet. These slats were then screwed into place on the top of the archway.


Grass was added around the robot, not only to balance the display, but to camouflage the wood blocks. The empty space behind the robot is meant for the monster with the multitude of eyes. Unfortunately, it broke during installation. Repaired and brought back later, it broke again. Major reconstruction has been done to avoid the problem, and it should be in place by the time I put up the final post in this series, and a look at the display with the monster in place will be included.

Once everything was in place up above, store bought ivy was added to both sides, seemingly climbing the walls, and leading the eye up to the display. Butterflies (also store bought) were also added in various locations, mainly to add some color, and suggested movement.

Except for the monster, and the monkey (which will first appear in the window display) the installation is complete, though there is a possibility that card stock silhouettes, and theater light gel shapes may be added to some of the lighting to give the illusion of more depth to the display, but that is further down the line.

The following two posts will show the display in details, and the window display, completing this series.

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