Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Jay Stephens has posted his pencil roughs for the cover to CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #44 here. This issue contains a two-part THE SECRET SATURDAYS story that I wrote.

One of my earliest work in comics (be warned) has been posted at Bosch Millennium

Rik Offenberger discusses the Red Circle comic books from DC, including THE HANGMAN, with editor Rachel Gluckstern at Newsarama .

A couple more takes on MIDNIGHT, MASS. going to NBC here , here and here .


Robert Pope said...

Aunt May with adamantium claws is no less plausible than the "Brand New Day" retcon! And I bet she'd take less lip from Doc Ock, too.

John Rozum said...

It was written in reaction to Marvel's overuse of Wolverine at the time. He either had to be in every comic, or there had to be some Wolverine stand in. The only way to get anything to happen back then was to include a mutant with claws.

Robert Pope said...

ah, I see...!