Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New XOMBI comic available today

XOMBI was a comic book series I wrote for Milestone Comics between 1994-1996. It lasted 22 issues and was well regarded by my peers and a cult following. The series was illustrated by J.J. Birch with color by Noelle Giddings and others, and letters by Agnes Pinaha. There were also a handful of guest cover artists including John Byrne, Walt Simonson, Howard Chaykin, and one that unfortuantely went unused by Kent Williams. There was also, sadly, an entire Hanukkah Special that was completed, but never published, with art by Guy Davis and a cover by Guy Davis and Vince Locke.

The series followed David Kim a medical researcher working with nanotechnology. His laboratory is broken into by supernatural creatures sent to steal his research. The creatures mortally wound David with occult weapons, and David's assistant saves him by infusing his body with his experimental nanomachines which restore him at her expense. David soon discovers that he can't die. Cut off a limb, he'll grow it back. Infect him, his body will get rid of the disease. The nanomachines also keep him at an ideal age, and weight, correct his eyesight, and keep him from ever needing to brush his teeth or use a toilet.

Due to the nature of his transformation, David also discovers that he's a weirdness magnet. He becomes the center of a number of bizarre supernatural and just plain weird adventures, assisted and mentored by an odd assortment of paranormal combattants including Rabbi Sinnowitz, Vatican endorsed Nun of the Above and her superpowered sidekick, Catholic Girl, and magician infect with supernatural VD, Julian Parker.

After a thirteen year absence, David Kim returns to comics today in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #26, along with Julian Parker, and DC's spirit of vengeance, THE SPECTRE. The artwork is by Scott Hampton and features a cover by Michael Kaluta.


Terence said...

I purchased this last night. I enjoyed it very much although I missed seeing J.J. Birch's art. Here's hoping Xombi trades get published and a new series gets going!

Dwight Williams said...

Bought it today. Read it today.

Worth the money.

When's the next installment?

Stephen said...

I had never heard of Xombi. I almost didn't pick up The Brave and The Bold. Had some difficulty getting past the "Xombi" name, but went ahead and got it since I've been with The Brave and The Bold since issue #1.

What can I say? I loved it. This is a great character! I would really like to see more of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I'd never heard of Xombi before, but after reading Brave & Bold 26, I'm definitely interested.

I hope Xombi will return again.

John Rozum said...

Thank you one and all. I'm very happy that those of you who were going to give it a pass based on unfamiliarity with the character, not only didn't, but enjoyed it as well.

Let that be a lesson you take with you to try new things out before you pass on something you might end up liking.

Stephen, as you know by now, David Kim is never called Xombi. His only identity id David Kim. He happens to be a xombi (which the original series defined as someone made immortal through artificial means). But David Kim would probably be less appealing as a title.

As for the next installment....Who knows? As should be apparent from this issue, it was meant to be something of a teaser for a future XOMBI series, which was to be part of a group of new Milestone character comics that don't look like they'll be happening at all. Had I known this at the time, I would have written a much different story.

If you want to see more, the best way is to let the powers that be at DC comics know you want more. Send a letter to Paul Levitz, Dan DiDio, or editor Joey Cavalieri and let them know.

Ms. Tree said...

I am so stoked! Xombi was one of my favorite comics of all time--I just about cried when it was cancelled. I subscribe to B&B, and shouted for joy when I saw who this month's team up was! I seriously hope they let you do more!

Luke said...

I had never heard of Xombi until today when I bought the new Brave & Bold. I just bought the issue because it's DC. I really enjoyed it. It's my favorite Brave & Bold in a while. Unique story, and haunting art.

I am definitely going to write into DC and ask for more Xombi--I hope he can be brought into the DCU. Where can I get a hold of the original Xombi series? Is it out in book form anywhere?

Thanks for the exceptional comic book experience, John!

John Rozum said...

Thank you Ms. Tree and Luke.

Your best bet for XOMBI comics is ebay. There were 21 regular issues, as well as an issue #0, which is not necessary to have.

They have not been collected in book form, yet. DC has been slowly collecting other Milestone titles into trade paperback collections. Hopefully they'll get to XOMBI before they lose interest in doing this.

The best way to see a XOMBI paperback collection, is to write DC and request it. They need to know there's interest before they tackle something that's not a sure seller like Batman, or Sandman.

Levi said...

well pleased to see Mr Kim back. Xombi remains my favorite series and I sincerely hope the rest of Kim's story is one day published.