Thursday, October 01, 2009

31 Days of Halloween - Welcome

Welcome to the 4th annual Halloween Countdown . Everyday for the month of October, I will be posting various tricks and treats for your enjoyment. As with the past two years there will be a daily Halloween riddle with the answer being provided the following day. There will also be a daily movie, and periodic musings, photos, and links to other sites. The big candy bar which I'll be dropping into your Halloween bucket each day is a collage portrait of a movie monster. These portraits are made entirely out of cut paper. The selection of the monsters was pretty much random in nature, and as there are only 31 days in the month, I will obviously be missing many, many favorites, of mine as well as yours. I'm aware of this, there's no need to point it out, though I'm open to requests for the future. If you like these portraits remember them when the Rondo Awards begin next February and you're filling in that blank space for Artist of the Year.

If you click on the Halloween Countdown button at the top right, you will be directed to the Halloween Countdown home page, created for this year by Shawn Robare as a home base to start out from in order to visit the almost 100 (so far) blogs participating in the Halloween Countdown this year. Everyone puts a lot of hard work into their own personal countdowns, so make sure that you drop the some appreciative comments as you stop by and hit them up for tricks and treats.

This brings me to one last item regarding my own Halloween Countdown. I am having a contest. What do you have to do? Not a whole lot. This year's contest is based entirely on participation. As I stated, a lot of hard work goes into these countdowns, and I am very grateful to all the people who have left comments in the past, participated in the riddles, etc. For each comment a person leaves, I putting their name into hat -- a moldy hat taken from the severed head of a rotting corpse. I'd prefer that the comments be a little more well thought out than simply "Cool!" I also recognize that there are dozens of other blogs for you to check out each day, so I don't expect in depth analysis each and every time either. I just want to know what people think so that I can make it even better next year. So what do you win? In the spirit of Halloween, I will just say that it will be more of a treat than a trick. I will drop a random item into five people's Halloween buckets at the end of the month, announcing the winners on October 31.

For newcomers, here are the Halloween Countdowns I ran for the years 2006 , 2007 , and 2008 . Enjoy!

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Dane said...

Trick or treat! I'm always amazed by the work you put into this each year. Compiling a links list and keeping it current, several posts every day instead of one, original artwork ... wow! I'm so looking forward to this.

Todd Franklin said...

Here we go again haunting the whole month! Every night I'll be looking forward to all of your post-ghosties!

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Hi John...Happy Oct.1st! Looking forward to Trick or Treating blog style this month. Already have today's post and I'm excited to check out the other participents blogs as well. Love the festive pic you posted and am still scratching my head on the riddle...ha! Guess I'll have to wait for the answer. Thanks for all the work you do to make Hallowe'en fun! :o)

~Trix. said...

Hey John, I was just admiring all of your groovy posts today - you're *already* making me feel like a slacker! :) Love the awesome d├ęcor in this particular post and I'm trying to figure out why my house doesn't already look this every single day of the year. No need to enter me in the know me, I'll stop back by often during this amazing countdown to harass you and admire you posts, as well as tax my brain for answers to the riddles. Thanks again for including me in such a fun celebration of my favorite holiday. =)

Martin Arlt said...

Yay, my favorite time of year is here, with daily stuff to read from John! Looking forward to seeing what movies you watch this year, and REALLY looking forward to the collages!

John Rozum said...

Thank you everyone, and I can't think of a batch of trick or treaters I'd rather see at my door first. I think everyone here is doing such a great job as well, and it's your work that makes it worth it for me to keep trudging along with this.

Martin, you may be the smartest one of all by staying out of it completely except as an observer.