Saturday, March 19, 2011

Disney Posts Update

I'd like to thank the vast numbers of people who've stopped by over the past few weeks to check out my posts from my recent visit to Walt Disney World, and especially thank pal, George Taylor at Imaginerding for directing so many of you here. I still have four or five posts coming beginning with a two part post focusing on Disney's Animal Kingdom. I'm hoping to get the first part up by Monday or Tuesday night with the second part to follow. Hopefully the remaining posts will be in place in quick succession after that.

I apologize for the extended interruption, but various work projects have had to take all of my attention.


Shawn Robare said...

Have you seen the reveal of the new Haunted Mansion queue:

John Rozum said...

I couldn't get the video to play last night. My computer is very touchy about video for some reason. I'm going to try again later, probably on my wife's laptop.

I'm impressed with how quickly they put that together. there wasn't a lot to see when I was there a month ago.