Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signage of Walt Disney World - Part 2

Concluding my posts on signage found in Walt Disney World takes a look at signs, such as the one above from Disney Studios, that can be found in Disney Studios and the Magic Kingdom and some others including one sign that guests aren't meant to see at all.

Also found in Disney Studios:

From Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom:

As most people are well aware of Fantasyland is in the process of getting a large expansion with new attractions. A construction wall kept the realities of construction from intruding on the magic of the Magic Kingdom, but on the wall were some signs showing and telling what is to come. What I have always found amazing about construction projects in the Disney Parks and environs is that you don't hear any of the noise of heavy lifting and earth moving equipment, welding or hammering drifting into the adjacent space. However it's done, it's masked really well.

Here's a themed trash can from Disney Studios followed by a bunch from Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

During my visit we stayed at the Beach Club resort which was in easy walking distance to Epcot's back gate by England in the World Showcase. We were able to fit in another day at the beginning of our trip and opted to stay at the Pop Century resort for a single night. Calling Pop Century a resort is heavy on the side of generosity. In reality it's a heavily (garishly even) themed motel. The higher end resorts, such as Beach club, and my personal favorite, the Wilderness Lodge, are relaxing seas of calm and a perfect retreat between visits to the park. I'm always amazed that given the vast number of people staying in them, how quiet they are, and how you can have sitting rooms completely to yourself. The less expensive resorts, such as Pop Century, are quite the opposite. While it wasn't bad the night we were there, we heard guests complaining about the teenagers making a lot of noise in the pool late at night and running up and down the hallways outside the rooms. My son observed that the toilets were so loud you could hear them flushing in other rooms. They're fine if you're just looking for a bed at the end of your park day, but if possible, I recommend springing for the fancier resorts. 

That long winded consumer report was there to introduce the next group of signs. The first two appeared on the back of the door of our room at Pop Century.  

This final sign was mounted on the inside of the door to housekeeping on our floor in the Beach Club villa and was clearly not meant to be seen by anyone other than the staff, but the door was propped open and unattended and I couldn't resist. I did see a similar sign on the wall of a kitchen in the Harambe section of Disney's Animal Kingdom with a different phrase and character on a simple paper poster tacked to the wall, but the door was closed before I could get a photo of it. There was a bit of a "Big Brother is Watching" aspect to these signs when I saw them.

Coming up next on my Disney tour -- something a little bit different.


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Loving these posts. It's making me miss Disney World something awful, but I still love them.