Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Sale TODAY!

Why are you sitting there reading this post when you could be reading XOMBI #1, written by me with art by the amazing Frazer Irving?

Need to know more? You can read the first seven pages, plus an interview with me by visiting io9.

Now head to a comic book store near you.


Jay said...

Can't Freakin' WAIT, pal!

Paul Nolan said...

What a comic. Funny, intriguing, vaguely disturbing. Xombi is going straight on the pull list

dicecipher said...

Yay! I get to pick it up next week after I get paid again.

Dennis said...

The book was all I was wanting. Beautiful artwork and quite an amazing first story to boot! It has been a long time coming but I really think you are still in your stride on Xombi. Feels like I never stopped reading the book.

Good to see returning support cast as well and lots of new weird.

Keep it going! I know it sold out at the shop I work at and we are ordering more in. Pushing it to everyone I know!

Jamie Rosen said...

It was even better than I'd hoped, and I'd hoped for a lot.

I just re-read the original Xombi #1 yesterday, and I noticed that both use the structure of the panels quite creatively to show the passing of time (such as the splash of David in the kitchen in this issue.) Is this something you consciously work into your script?

John Rozum said...

Thanks, everyone. Greatly appreciated.

Jamie, almost all of that is the result of the artist making great decisions, and do give a lot of thought to things such as the passage of time and using nearly identical panels on occasion to do so. I typically give them panel by panel instructions, but don't usually choose how they will lay those panels out, and always give them the option to alter things so long as it doesn't alter the rhythm of dialogue and storytelling needs.

J.J Birch did a lot of great things with his layout choices, and Frazer did so likewise. Those pages in Chet's apartment which had the characters in multiple poses against one background to show them moving through time and space were entirely Frazer's doing, and I think they are simply amazing and really add to the storytelling.

Jamie Rosen said...

I agree, John, those panels were brilliant. We're lucky to have the two of you working together.