Thursday, May 05, 2011

From the Archives 10

Just like my Brooke Shields: Agent of Fury the above were my rough pitches for Marvel's humor comic book, What The...? and were done somewhere around 1989. This was for a pitch titled "Team-Ups That We'll Never See." I think this was the extent of it. I don't remember doing any others. At any rate it was not used, and my guess is that it was likely because of legal issues in using Calvin and the Blondie characters. For Marvel's humor comics it was easier to just pitch my ideas in cartoon form rather than typed out even though someone else ended up drawing them (sometimes not as well). The idea and humor was more successfully conveyed in this manner as well.


Robert Pope said...

Oh, that was great. Maybe Cloak could have enveloped old man Dithers and given Dag a shot at the top spot!

John Rozum said...

I think that's where I went wrong.