Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brooke Shields: Agent of Fury

I recently uncovered some old pitches from my early years at Marvel Comics. These were all short humor pieces (of which I did quite a number) for titles such as What If...? and What the...? Because of the nature of them I often pitched them in rough cartoon form rather than as written pitches. This one was probably for What the...? but was never used. I don't recall the reason. My initial suspicion was that there were fears of litigation from Brooke Shields, but that sort of thing was still uncommon back then. Certainly it was nothing like it is now where you can't even mention a public figure or product by name in a comic book, and new character names are often changed anyway just in case.

Yes, at the time I did notice that I left the "e" off the end of "Brooke." Since this was just a pitch sketch done in felt tip marker, I wasn't going to redo the whole thing, or white it out just for a gag pitch that no one else would see besides the editor I was pitching and, if sold, the artist who would redraw it and the letterer who hopefully would spell "Brooke" correctly.


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Stephen said...

To think of what could have been...