Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Drunken Severed Head Now At Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters was a magazine that shaped more than one generation of horror and science fiction aficionados, myself included. Some say that it began to go down hill when it began to focus less on monster movies and more on Star Wars ( a movie which killed off the long running monster craze years once and for all). Others say it was when it reluctantly began to include the same movies being covered by young upstart, Fangoria. Then there were the >shudder< Ray Ferry years which we will ignore ever happened.

Famous Monsters is back once again, in a new incarnation for a new era. Whether you like it, or not, will depend on how beholden you are to the original pun-filled run edited by Forry Ackerman. The new Famous Monsters, I think wisely, moves away from the juvenile flavor of the original, while still capturing its spirit in bringing to readers a wide range of subject matter and introducing them to many of the people behind the scenes of their favorite genre movies, past and present.

Defying all sensibility, Famous Monsters has embraced the low brow comedic stylings of Max, the Drunken Severed Head once again risking the wrath of readers the world over.

I jest at Max's expense, because Max expects it of me. In all honesty, Max is a dear friend of mine and an astute observer of people and horror movies alike. He's a very likable, but not lickable, head and I think that he will lend the new incarnation of Famous Monsters a singular personality, charm, and sense of humor that will remind longtime fans of the playful nature of the classic Famous Monsters.

So, go on and visit the Drunken Severed Head in its his new home. Tell him I sent you. He may even let you in for a visit.

Now I'm hoping that the Captain Company will offer up some swanky Drunken Severed Head merchandise, just please, I beg you, not this poster.

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Max the drunken severed head said...

You ARE a dear friend, John--always have enjoyed and valued your talents, opinions, and ideas. Thanks for this post!

I see you have found the only book cover I ever posed for!