Friday, April 15, 2011

Walt Disney World Leftovers - Part 2

As promised yesterday, here are a bunch of photos I took at Walt Disney World that didn't fit into in the other recent posts I'd put together to cover aspects of my trip this past February. You can find links to those previous posts at the end f this one. The photos in this final post cover Epcot and two of the resorts, Pop Century where we stayed for a single night when we extended the beginning of our trip, and the Beach Club where we stayed the rest of the time. All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This is the dock outside the Beach Club where you can catch a "friend ship" transport to Disney Studios or Epcot, though this is a bit silly since you can actually walk there in less time.

A sitting room off the lobby of the Beach Club Villa. As a night owl, I made great use of the sitting rooms at the Wilderness Lodge on my previous trip. Generally unused by guests, especially at night, they make for a pleasant refuge to read quietly.

In contrast, the Pop Century was garish and a bit tacky. The budget resorts aren't much different from staying at a hotel. The pool area is very noisy, even at night and as one of my kids noticed if someone in the hotel flushes their toilet everyone can hear it. On the other hand I have nothing but praise for the staff, especially the young woman who took a lot of time to help us when some complications arose when we tried to purchase our park tickets and my bank's overzealous fraud protection kicked in on a Sunday, of course. It was not a good way to begin our trip, but she fixed everything that she could so that it wasn't close to the disaster it could have been.

This is what my son dubbed the "tron-orail" and evaded my every attempt to get a photo of it. I even rode it twice. Promoting the recent Tron sequel, the outside of the monorail was decorated to look like a light cycle with a wall of light streaming behind it. If anyone got a good photo of the tron-orail I'd love to see it.

A few shots taken from Mission Space. I think this is a really great simulator ride, but really wish it were in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom, the land that I always wished were one of my favorites, but always feels like it's been abandoned, or having an identity crisis.

I really love this mounted samurai statue in the Japan pavillion in World Showcase.

I was also really taken with these great retro t-shirts featuring the Orange Bird, but alas, they were only available in women's shirts.

I also really liked the explorer's study tucked away in the back of one of the shops in the England pavillion.

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