Friday, September 02, 2011

STATIC SHOCK - Sneak Peak at the Villains: part 4

Picking up with a look at some of the villains to be featured in Static Shock, which debuts next Wednesday, September 7th, here is a character with a resemblance to a familiar, and extremely popular Batman villain. This is no coincidence. The Pale Man is Joey Piranha's right hand man. He claims that he was once a member of the Joker's gang and accidentally inhaled a non-lethal dose of Joker gas which transformed his appearance and also caused a couple of side effects. The Pale Man is perpetually tense, willfully trying to contain an inner violent rage as well as a Tourette's syndrome like urge to laugh, something that creeps out of him more when he's anxious, or emotionally stimulated, but often punctuates his speech.

Everyone else who works for Piranha is creeped out and afraid of the Pale Man. He's a physical reminder of the darkest corner of the criminal world.

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