Wednesday, October 05, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 5 - Mask of the Day

For those of you looking for more of a super hero slant to your Halloween disguise, here are several options for portraying Batman, one of the most Halloween appropriate super heroes out there. The above is a vintage Batman mask from 1942 given away in newspapers to promote the new Batman comic strip. Below is an example of what the reverse side looked like:

It was also given away in movie theaters to promote the new Batman serial.

The above was printed on the side of a carton of Batman Grape Drink. 1960s.

The above, also from the 1960s, was a premium given out by General Electric. It's actually a double-sided mask sharing the same eye holes with Batman's ears serving as Robin's collar. Now you have tho opportunity to share the adventure by printing each side separately so you can take an old chum with you when you go trick or treating or to a costume party.

I'm not sure about the above. This mask could also hail from the 1960s or just be designed to appear that way.

The above was part of the deluge of merchandise that anticipated Tim Burton's Batman movie from 1989.

The above three all appear to be variations on the more recent animated series The Batman.

The above 1960s-style Batman mask comes from Kate Can Draw


Robert Pope said...

When I was four I went as "Batman just got his first pair of glasses and can't wear his mask," which, by the way, SUCKED. Nice post though, pally!

John Rozum said...

Ouch. Really harsh for a 4 year old. Do you have photos? That continues to be an issue for me. After two years of having contacts I gave up on them because my eyes are dry and it's difficult to put them in and keep them from falling out later -- which always seemed to happen when I was driving. A few years ago I bought my first overhead latex mask in ages and since it was my turn to walk with the kids, I decided to wear it. If I had my glasses on inside it they fogged up and I couldn't see. Without them I couldn't see anyway. Somehow I made it home with the right kids. I also managed to frighten a few others with my Teenage Frankenstein visage.

Robert Pope said...

Wish I had photos of THAT debacle, but sadly Mom took pity on me and didn't photograph me sans mask. My entire life has been one "I'll see if this mask fits over my glasses" followed by the inevitable fogging you describe. Wore contacts for years (hard lenses, ouch) and gave those up due to headaches while drawing. Outside of Dr. Octopus or Austin Powers, my costume choices are pretty limited.

Maria Williams said...

I have the mask that you said you wernt suree if 1960's, or just made to look that way, I would say that it is from that year, but have no idea of the value.
would you have any advice for me please ?

John Rozum said...

Maria -- I have a modest Batman collection and am hardly an expert, especially when it comes to values. I recommend you try here: