Sunday, October 05, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 5 - Movie 1

The legend of the crying woman meets luchadore super heroes in Santo y Matequilla Napoles en La venganza de la llorona (1974). This time Santo teams up with boxing champion Mantequilla Napoles to obtain a medallion  worn by the mummy of the crying woman. The medallion contains clues leading to a treasure that the heroes want to use to benefit local children, but that a group of criminals want for themselves. More danger arises when la llorona comes back to life seeking vengeance against the ancestors of the family she originally opposed.

This is one of the lesser Santo movies. The plot is too thin to carry its running time, so there are more breaks for televised fights featuring both stars, and plenty of padding as the groups wander through caves and warehouses, fighting henchmen as they go. Mantequilla and Santo do have some good onscreen chemistry and make for a good team. Sadly, all of their combat skills go towards warding off human foes and not the supernatural menace.

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