Tuesday, October 07, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 7 - Movie 1

An exterminator and a security guard team up to try and stop an ever growing spider before it can lay its eggs in downtown Los Angeles in Big Ass Spider! (2013). It sounds like one of those crap movies made for the SyFy channel, but Big Ass Spider! has a number of things going for it that the SyFy channel movies don't. First of all it's intelligently written. Second of all it's funny -- on purpose, and in a smart way that elevates it beyond camp. Greg Grunberg as the exterminator and Lombardo Boyar as the security guard are a very funny team. It's played straight, but there is a lot of good comedy happening in this movie. Most of the cast, including Ray Wise, do a really good job here, but Grunberg and Boyar would be great playing these two characters against any monster, or even with no monster. Overall, the production values here are also far better than the SyFy fair. Yes, there are some shots where the spider looks more cgi than at other times, and the movie has the bland daytime outdoor lighting that you'd expect from a low budget movie, but it doesn't matter. This movie is a lot of fun. This is my third viewing of this movie and I can still say that.

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Dex said...

Totally agree! I don't know that there's a specific title for this sub-genre that features things way bigger (or smaller) than normal size but I absolutely love it. I always check them out even if I know they might be horrible.

Big Ass Spider was a nice surprise because they actually knew what they were doing and let the viewer know it.