Saturday, October 10, 2020

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10 - Movie

Strange things are happening at the Kingdom Hospital. A mysterious ambulance arrives in the middle of the night without discharging anyone. There are ghosts, self-induced liver transplants using a cancerous liver, the missing head of a corpse,  the most grotesque birth ever seen, and a demonic entity. That's to say nothing of the staff and patients.

Lars Van Trier's The Kingdom (1994) is actually a Danish television series that was released in two four episode seasons (the second in 1997), though I first encountered the entire fist season in a movie theater in New York City as a five hour movie. A third, concluding, series was planned, but not made due to the deaths of three of its central characters. The series is most definitely inspired by Twin Peaks, though none of the characters are as endearing here.  Despite that, and the fact that the story is never concluded, this is absolutely riveting, must see viewing.

Both seasons are available at a reasonable price at Kino Lobber.

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