Sunday, November 27, 2005

Meddling Ref

Here's all the reference you should need.

The idea behind "Those Meddling Kids" was to retell a familiar Scooby-Doo story, in this case one from the show, from the point of view of the villain who would be shown as a guy trying to get a job done, but can't because he is constantly being menaced by Mystery Inc. A reversal if you will. I don't know if it's because it always annoyed me as a kid to read adaptations of movies or tv shows where the art had nothing to do with what was on screen, or not, but I think the art for this comic book story should emulate the art of the tv series as much as possible, at least in the sense that the background elements, props, and characters look as they appeared on the actual episode and not as if they came from some parallel earth episode.

I tried to order the images as they will appear in the comic book story as much as possible, though there are exceptions, such as when something is more general than story specific like Mystery Inc. in their scuba gear. Obviously screen shots that have Mystery inc. characters in them, should not have them unless the script requires. More likely it will be Captain Cutler in those locations.

In the first few scenes, Cutler has sea weed on his costume, after this, he does not.

Images such as Scooby's POV as he touches Cutler's helmet from his surfboard, and surface top views of the boat piloted by Mystery Inc., are merely meant to give you a sense of say Scooby's position, and the shape of the boat, since in this story these vantage points aren't actually present.

If you have any qustions, or need anything else, let me know.

From top to bottom:

Captain Cutler sans helmet

Mrs. Cutler

The Graveyard of Lost Ships as seen underwater

The Graveyard of Lost Ships underwater in continued pan from prior image

Cutler's mini-sub. This is all that we see of it in the tv episode. Extrapolate the rest of it from this. When we see it parked in the cove early on, don't use this yacht--this is the yacht Cutler steals further in the story.

Mystery Inc. in Scuba gear.

The Graveyard of Lost Ships as seen from the surface (page 1, panel 1)

The scuba tank room (page 1, panel 2)

The scuba tank room (page 1, panel 2)

Scooby touches Cutler's helmet (page 2, panel 2)

Cutler confronts Scooby (page 2, panel 3)

Scooby paddles for his life (page 2, panel 4)

Cutler menaces

Cutler Emerges (page 3, panel 2)

Mystery Inc. Flees Cutler (page 3)

Shaggy Flees in Umbrella (page 3)

Cutler covered in weeds

Cave w/mini-sub (don't used yacht it's tied to until later) (Page 3, panel 4)

Cave continued pan

Cave continued pan

Cave continued pan w/winch and hoisted boat

Portrait of Captain Cutler w/stairs (page 5) Though the kitchen setting is never seen on the show, use these backgrounds to get a sense of a design scheme that matches the existing backgrounds.

Mrs. Cutler with Velma

Close-up of Cutler's portrait

Portrait with witch stuff (page 5)

Stolen Yacht (pages 7-8)

Cove entrance (page 8)

Mystery Inc.'s boat (page 8)

Back wall of Cove --where the hidden opening is, but don't use this boat --it's Mystery Inc.'s (page 8)

Cutler Runs (page 11, panel 1)

Cutler lurks outside (page 10, panel 2)

Velma, Daphne and Freddie find the faux Cutler (page 10, panel 2)

Cutler slams the door (page 10, panel 3)

Scooby slams into Cutler (Page 10, panel 5)

Cutler smashes into the deck (page 10, panel 6)

Cutler runs (page 11, panel 1)

Shaggy and Scooby Flee from Cutler (page 11, panels 2 and 3)

Shaggy as a figurehead (page 11, panel 4)

Shaggy and Scooby as figureheads (page 11, panel 4)

Scooby as figurehead while Cutler searches (page 11, panel 4)

That rock that Shaggy is going to sit on is the rock Cutler presses down on to open the secret entrance to his cave (page 11, panel 5)

This is what the secret entrance door looks like as it opens (page 11, panel 5)

Cutler stands at the top of the ramp leading from the lighthouse to the cave (page 13, panel 3)

The tugboat that Mystery Inc. launches their plan from on page 13(not specified, but this is where Shaggy is wrestling the hose above)

Tugboat continued pan

Shaggy wrestles the hose (page 13, panel 4)

Cutler stands on the dock (page 13, panel 5)

Scooby covered in suds in the motorboat (page 13, panel 6)

The Motorboat jumps the dock (page 13, panel 6)

Cutler captured (page 14, panel 1)

Freddie removes Cutler's helmet (page 14, panel 2)

Different angle (Page 14, panel 2)

Velma and Daphne (page 14, panel 3)

Shaggy attaches the seaweed beard to Cutler (page 14, panel 3)

Cutler with the seaweedbeard in close up