Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Second Story Starring The Abyss Is Now Available For Free

The Abyss story appearing in Emergents Presents #3, from InterpopComics, is now available to read for free right here. Get further glimpses into this mysterious character as the cast expands and another villain is added to his rogues gallery. Cliff Richards and Chris Sotomayor provide the art. If you still haven't read the first story starring the Abyss from Emergents Presents #1, you can also read it for free right here. After you've read it, feel free to pop back here to leave me your thoughts in the comments and be sure to let InterpopComics know what you thought on social media using @Interpop and #TheAbyss.

Thank You!

To everyone who voted to see The Abyss return soonest in the latest Interpop poll, I greatly appreciate it. I'm creatively invested in this character and already have so many stories I'd like to tell about him, his allies, and his developing roster of a rogues gallery. This now provides the opportunity to tell another of those stories sooner than later. I was also quite stunned by how much he led in the voting, since the other creative teams are made up of some serious talent handling some really fun charcters. I encourage you to investigate their other work beyond InteropComics.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Available Today

Emergents Presents #3 goes on sale today at InterPop Comics. Cliff Richards, Chris Sotomayor, and I return with a second story starring The Abyss. More mysteries, some clues, and an all new villain provide further glimpses into the secretive nature of the Abyss. If you missed the Abyss in his first appearance, fear not. You can read it for free right here.