Saturday, February 11, 2023

THE ABYSS #6 is Now Free to Read

The culmination of the Red King saga is now available to read for free at Interpop Comics. This storyline greatly expanded the supporting cast of The Abyss, revealed a great deal of the mythology behind his group of Acolytes, gave some hints into the Abyss's origins, and provided a key villain, and former ally, in the form of the Red King, while also establishing alliances, betrayals, and suggestions of what's to come. A lot of work went into this book, not just from myself, but from my talented collaborators, Cliff Richards, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos Mangual, Rylen Sigman, and Rachel Gluckstern, and I think it shows. You can read the entire saga of the Abyss, thus far, for free. That includes all six issues of the ongoing series, plus the four 8-page stories starring the Abyss which appeared in Emergents Presents. Give them a read and let me know your thoughts on them.