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If you are only going to choose to read one thing that I wrote then you should pick Xombi. Don't take my word for it though. Google "Xombi review" and you'll discover that it was one of the most critically acclaimed comic book series of 2011.

If you have the Xombi trade paperback then there's no need for you to pick up The Brave and the Bold: Milestone unless you're interested in reading the stories featuring characters other than Xombi. This contains two Xombi stories that i wrote. One of them is included in the Xombi tpb. The other isn't, and while it's usually cited as people's favorite story from the original run of Xombi, it's not relevant without the rest of the issues that lead into it. You're better off looking for issues 1-6 of the original series.

The X-Files, the various Cartoon Network titles, and the Dead High Yearbook are all anthologies which include one or more stories that I wrote in each volume. Nearly half of the Secret Saturdays/Ben 10 2-in-1 book is made up of stories I wrote about The Secret Saturdays.  X-Man: The Man Who Fell to Earth contains one issue of the series that I wrote. This story was published with much of the dialogue I wrote replaced at the last minute with material that served another plot that I was not involved with. If you are a fan of the character then, by all means, pick it up. As a representation of my work I recommend you pass on it.

Brian Cronin's Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? contains a contribution from me, but is a very entertaining book overall which I recommend even without my participation.

The various DVDs of The Super Hero Squad contain episodes I wrote of this popular animated television series.

Femme Fatales contains one episode, "Haunted," which I co-wrote under a pseudonym.

Following these links should answer any questions you might have. If not, please contact me directly.